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This past Sunday my fellow bloggers from Project Kale and I made food for a cooking school/tasting at the church. The theme of this event was Healthy Food for Healthy Kids (or as my husband likes to call it “good food for picky kids and their fathers).  The idea was to give parents, grandparents or just those looking for some healthy ideas for food some alternatives to processed food.  Ali and Ann from Project Kale showcased vegan options for kids.

Now I know there are plenty of baked goods/sweets etc. on this blog that definitely don’t fall into the category of “health” food.  These sweets are not for everyday consumption (at least at my house)I know it isn’t realistic for most people to give up sweets entirely. Though there are those strong people out there.    My portion of the presentation was to look at transition foods, or alternatives to highly processed foods.  While there are plenty of sweets for when you want the occasional dessert posted here, it doesn’t mean that my kids get full access to them, or that most of them don’t leave the house to be shared with others.  I enjoy baking and sharing the love…I just know that by waist-line and overall health wouldn’t love me if all I ate were the sweets posted so I try to share our “real” day to day food as well.  Either way please feel free to share the love of cooking and food with those you love.

For the cooking school we had the idea of making edible centerpieces out of fruit and veggies with various dips.  I have found that a small TBSP of dip on a plate surrounded by either veggies or fruit means that my kids will eat said veggies/fruit. For instance, I had a little fruit dip leftover and brought it home.  Along with her supper of some Roasted Garlic Soup Maya ate the majority of two apples, several bunches of grapes, a mandarin orange and a couple strawberries with about 1 1/2  TBSP of dip.  

My dip was the Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Fruit Dip since originally making the recipe I have found that it still is amazing with 1 8-oz. fat-free cream cheese and 1 8-oz. 1/3 fat cream cheese.

Ann and Ali from Project Kale made a vegan Cookie Dough dip which I can’t find the link to at the moment.  So please check back!

For the veggies, I made a wicked simple Greek Yogurt Dip.  I LOVE Greek yogurt because the 0% fat kind is still rich and creamy.  For the veggie dip I used 1 cup of yogurt and then 1-2 TBSP either basil pesto or sun-dried tomato pesto.  During the summer when I grow my own basil and tomatoes I make my own pestos, but for this event I bought Le Grand brand. Left over pestos are great as sandwich spreads as well.  I have also used these dips as an alternative to mayo potato salad.  You just boil the potatoes as usual and mix with a basil pesto-Greek yogurt dip.  Yummy!

For breakfast items I made my Chai Spiced Coconut Granola (one vegan one regular).  I served it plain and as part of a parfait with strawberries and non-fat Greek yogurt.  Parfaits in small tuperware type cups are great for on the go meals in the morning as well.  Just layer your fruit and yogurt the night before and put some granola in a snack size ziploc bag.  Then grab it on your way out the door, top the parfait with granola and enjoy!

From Project Kale for breakfast there were Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

For the lunch option from Project Kale there was  "Cheesy" Broccoli Orzo and Energy Balls

The supper option was my Caribbean Black Beans and Rice .  I love this recipe because it is so wicked easy.  Hello it is done in a slow cooker!  I also talked about how any left overs could be used in burritos, or this Mexican Lasagna.  If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m all about cooking once and eating twice.  

 Ann and Ali made Meatless Balls with Mashed Potato Frosting…so cute! I’m sure they will post some pictures.

For dessert there were some no bake cookies (again need to look for the link to Project Kale so please check back) and my Mango Crumble Bars (vegan and regular).  

It was a lot of fun and if you are ever in the Dayton area please check and see if there is a cooking school going on! 

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