The cake I should have made: Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake

This is the cake I should have made for Micah’s birthday (what I did make if you missed it).  I love a Bundt cakes and Meyer lemons are a real favorite of mine.  I made this cake last Thursday night so there would be some dessert in the house for my mother-in-law and Robert to eat as I recover from my knee surgery.  I had planned to send some home with my MIL, but Robert forgot to send some with her in the post surgery madness on Saturday.  Probably a good thing as I’m taking much longer to recover from this surgery than I “normally” do and according to my family there is a dearth of baked goods and general cooking going on this last week.  Oh poor them…

I found this recipe on Baking Bites (Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake).  I wasn’t sure if the 2 TBSP of zest was pack or unpacked so I’m guessing I added a bit more than originally called for (I packed).  I also used more juice and less sugar in the glaze as with this bundt pan the glaze mostly runs down the decorations.

If you have any Meyer Lemons around I would suggest this cake!


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