The Great Cho-Cho Birthday Cake Debacle

I debated on whether or not to share this baking disaster. Micah’s birthday really stuck up on me this year. We had a lot going on and then everyone got sick. I had been hoping that I could borrow a train cake pan from someone in the area. But no one had one. A friend sent me a link for this wicked cute train cake made out of a number of small loaf cakes. I figured that I could just pull out my favorite cake recipe and be good to go.

Then all of a sudden it was his birthday and I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed in the house. I had a cake mix so I figured not big deal I would just use that as I’ve never really done much in the carving/decorating end and I might need to spend more time on that. Mistake…So not as good. And then came the carving/decorating. Turns out I have no discernible talent in that. Need to take a class. As I posted on Facebook, I would say that Maya decorated it, but really that would be an insult to her as she is a much better decorator.

I share these pictures not to have people contradict me on how the cake looks.  I spent several hours working on it and I know that is isn’t pretty.  But when Micah saw it his little face lit up and he screamed “cho-cho cake”!  That made it all worthwhile.  Now he didn’t actually eat much of it.  More played with it.  Then he took a bite and looked at me like “really Mummy this isn’t so good”.  He was right…that’s my boy!