National Bundt Cake Day: Root beer Bundt Cake

Did you know that today is National Bundt Cake Day?  I found out about this auspicious day from Mary, The Food Librarian  shortly after I missed last years National Bundt Day.  So this year I was determined to make a bundt cake on Nov. 15. Now I’m not crazy like Mary, (she’s good crazy…just love her!) so I didn’t make 30 bundts for the 30 days leading up to today.  Since the whole job loss thing happened I would never be able to go through that much cake!  And the little munchkins would probably not let me have the time to do that much baking.  I was very tempted to make the Vanilla Bundt Cake with Strawberries that she made this year on day 19, but figured that I could make that later and try a bundt recipe that she didn’t have listed.

This may seem like a major “squirrel” aside (forgive the “Up” reference) but Robert has been wicked into root beer lately.  Not just the AW root beer either but Virgil’s or The Maine Root (which is my fav and not because it’s from Maine).  So when I saw a recipe for a Root Beer Bundt Cake in Food Network Magazine (that I checked out from the library) I figured I would have to try it.  Now this cake is a bit more chocolate the root beer, but overall quite good.  It was WICKED easy to make…no mixer needed.

For once I didn’t fiddle with the recipe other than the glaze where I cut down on the sugar and amount by 1 cup.

One thing about the bundt pan…My mom got this for me when she was visiting.  Don’t you just LOVE it?  I have been lusting after it for some time when I saw it used on Baking Bites and the Food Librarian.  It is the Heritage Bundt from NoricWare.

Root Beer Bundt Cake from Food Network Magazine

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